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Welcome to the subscriber portal! Here you can find all the information you may need regarding subscription perks for the VensyProps Twitch channel!
In this channel we strive to give back to the viewers as thanks for supporting us.

You must be logged in using your Twitch account in order to gain access to perks on the Subscriber Portal!

Loyalty Keychains

As thanks for supporting the channel, we like to give back to you by sending subscribers sub-badge keychains. These are inspired by the in chat sub-badges that you have and graduate with as you continue your loyalty to the channel.
Shipping is included for subscribers in the US; international subscribers must help with the additional shipping cost.
Limit is one keychain per tier, per account.
3 Month Subscription Keychain

3+ Month Subscribers

Receive a silver sub-badge keychain when you’ve been subscribed consecutively for at least 3 months!
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6 Month Subscription Keychain

6+ Month Subscribers

Receive a gold sub-badge keychain when you’ve been subscribed consecutively for at least 6 months!
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1+ Year Subscribers

Receive a pink sub-badge keychain when you’ve been subscribed consecutively for at least 12 months (1 year)!
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Channel Emotes

We have a variety of emotes in the channel: vensyLove, vensyWave, vensyCry, vensyBlush, vensyGasm, vensyLUL, vensyWTF, vensyPurr, vensyHype, vensySushi, vensyHiss
Additional emotes for Tier 2 ($9.99) and Tier 3 ($24.99) subscriptions are vensyButt and vensyKing, respectively.

Wave, Cry, Blush, Gasm, LUL, WTF, and Hype were made by @Harukatsune. King was made by @duetlol.

Discord Access

Join our Discord server to play games, talk about cosplay, and more!

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Stream Cats

Get your own cat that wanders around at the bottom of the screen! You’re able to change their color, give them hats, and more! Powered by Stream Avatars on Steam.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Rewards are distributed by subscriber portal pages!

Tier 2 ($9.99)

Every month you will be provided with a $5 discount code for the Vensy Props official online store at that you can use towards cosplay prints, 3D printed kits, or digital content.

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Tier 3 ($24.99)

The $24.99 Twitch subscription tier is going to be extremely similar to the $25 Patreon tier! You will be able to choose either the 3D Printed gift or a cosplay print every month!

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Perks and content subject to change until final decisions have been made.