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Arcade Miss Fortune Splash Art

Proportion Tool for Props/Costumes

Proportions are extremely important when it comes to making a costume because it can make or break the way everything looks together as a whole. There are many ways to find the right dimensions for your props such as guesstimating…

Wicked Lulu

Tutorial: Giant Hats (Lulu)

I’ve received a lot of questions about how I make my Lulu hats, so I decided it would be fitting to write a small write-up that shows the general steps I take to make them! Please note that my method…

Temporary Tattoo Tutorial

Tutorial: Custom Temp. Tattoos

This is a really simple tutorial, but I’ve been asked how I got my Miku “01” tattoo plenty of times so I figured I would show you guys how to easily make your own temporary tattoos! This doesn’t apply only…


Tutorial: Armored Cups

  This is an old tutorial which explains how I did the armored cups for my old Sylvanas Windrunner costume from World of Warcraft. Sylvanas is actually the one costume I would highly consider revisiting and remaking…. Maybe one day!