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/ALL Chat

“/ALL Chat”

I’m excited to announce that I was able to collaborate with Riot Games on their all new “/ALL Chat” set!  My Miss Fortune guns, Shock and Awe, are a permanent part of their set!

Black Rock Shooter Beast Gun

Blueprints and Digital Kits

I’m excited to announce that Digital Kits and PDF Blueprints are now available on sale in my store! I’m not a fan of repeat jobs, so I’m not very open to doing commissions of projects I’ve already made.. so I…

Photo by Robby Cavanaugh

Shock & Awe Prop Write-up

A lot of people ask me how I made my Miss Fortune guns so I’ve decided to finally put together a write-up on how I made them! Granted, this is a rough write-up based on what photographic documentation I have…

Miss Fortune

Photoshoot with Robby Cavanaugh

As many of you know, I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot with amazing Robby Cavanaugh last month! The main photos everyone knows about are “Double Up” and “No Prey, No Pay” (the top two photos). We took many…

Miss Fortune Hat Decal

Latex-Foam Castings

Miss Fortune is an iconic character from League of Legends, one of her most recognizable elements is her hat.  The hat has a very interesting decorative feature to it – the “squiggle” on the middle-front of it.  I really wanted…

Miss Fortune

Working with Leather for Miss Fortune

Each project that I decide to tackle is chosen based on potential new skills and materials I might be exposed to through fabrication and Miss Fortune was no different. When I first decided to do MF, I studied her splash…