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Star Guardian Lux

Star Guardian Lux Wand

Welcome to my really long Star Guardian Lux wand write-up! First off – I’d like to begin by stating I worked on this project on and off for almost a year, I was constantly working on it and changing the…

/ALL Chat

Guest on /ALL Chat!

This is a really belated post, but better late than never, am I right? Haha. Anyways, I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest on Riot Game’s show – /ALL Chat, it was a great experience all around with the…


League of Chibi

As of late I’ve been drawing some League of Legends champions, but chibi-fied! I’ve been doing this for two reasons: to practice art again and be able to do more creative streams!

Arcade Miss Fortune Print

Arcade Miss Fortune Write-Up

Arcade Miss Fortune is the most recently costume project that I have completed and I’ll be sharing some of my construction details here about the costume, accessories, and props.

Arcade Miss Fortune Splash Art

Proportion Tool for Props/Costumes

Proportions are extremely important when it comes to making a costume because it can make or break the way everything looks together as a whole. There are many ways to find the right dimensions for your props such as guesstimating…

/ALL Chat

“/ALL Chat”

I’m excited to announce that I was able to collaborate with Riot Games on their all new “/ALL Chat” set!  My Miss Fortune guns, Shock and Awe, are a permanent part of their set!

Class of 2014

My Journey at Otis

I graduated from Otis College of Art and Design just two weeks ago. It all feels like a blur, doesn’t even feel like I’m done with school at all!

Photo by Robby Cavanaugh

Shock & Awe Prop Write-up

A lot of people ask me how I made my Miss Fortune guns so I’ve decided to finally put together a write-up on how I made them! Granted, this is a rough write-up based on what photographic documentation I have…

Chomper Blueprint

Blueprint Poster on Sale (Jinx)

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: Jinx Flame Chomper Blueprint Poster, now on sale at my Etsy store, Storenvy, and here at Vensy Props!

V-Log #1: Intro & Jinx

Here you go guys! My very first V-log that I’ve put together. This is just a simple introduction to what I hope to do with future v-logs, but I also cover Jinx’s introduction to League of Legends a little bit….