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Black Rock Shooter Beast Gun

Blueprints and Digital Kits

I’m excited to announce that Digital Kits and PDF Blueprints are now available on sale in my store! I’m not a fan of repeat jobs, so I’m not very open to doing commissions of projects I’ve already made.. so I…


BRSB Gun Prop Write-Up

Everyone starts somewhere with crafts, my first serious prop was my Black Rock Shooter Beast gun. I learned a lot of new techniques while working on this gun, many of which I still use to this day on newer projects….


BRSB – Styling the wig

Black Rock Shooter has always been known for her crazy, long, flowing hair that has always seemed like it completely defies gravity. This was definitely one effect that I wanted present in my BRSB costume. Researching this concept proved to…

Black Rock Shooter Beast

BRSB Overview

Black Rock Shooter Beast was an extreme project that I decided to tackle to test my skills. I wanted to see how much I could accomplish in one project through research and hard work. Every step of this project took…