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Star Guardian Vinyl Stickers


Star Guardian vinyls based on the stickers from the League of Legends forums! These are approximately 5.5″ wide/tall at their largest dimensions. Made with premium outdoor vinyls so you can use it on your car, laptop, or anything else you may want! They have transfer tape added on for easier application.

Classic Star Guardians: Janna, Jinx, Lulu, Lux, Poppy
New Horizon Star Guardians: Ahri, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Soraka, Syndra
Bulk pricing available:
  • If you buy 5-6 they are $7 each!
  • If you buy 7-9 they are $6.50 each!
  • If you buy one of the Star Guardian sets (classic, or New Horizon) they’re $6 each. ;)
  • A full set makes the decals $5.50 each!

This is not endorsed by Riot Games.

    • 30 $
    • 30 $
    • 55 $
    *Choose your champion
    *Color of vinyl

Product Description

Each Star Guardian has an individualized color:
  • Ahri – Coral
  • Ezreal – Light Blue
  • Janna – Purple
  • Jinx – Dark Red
  • Lulu – Green
  • Lux – Pink
  • Miss Fortune – Red
  • Poppy – Blue
  • Soraka – Mint
  • Syndra – Deep Amethyst

Please note, if you are buying a pre-built set, the bulk discount rates will not work.


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