Star Guardian Poppy
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Star Guardian Poppy Hammer Blueprint


This blueprint is a 2D vector PDF file of Star Guardian Poppy’s hammer. The thumbnail is a low-resolution, scaled preview of the purchase. Purchased files are vector based and can be scaled and/or used for laser cutting or as a basis for a 3D model.


Poppy’s hammer can be scaled very different based on the type of aesthetic you are going for with your cosplay. Some people make the hammer large and oversized to imitate yordle proportions, while others make it smaller and scaled similarly to the other star Star Guardians. It’s up to you how you want to scale the hammer. The hammer is scaled to about 5′ in this blueprint, but you can easily re-scale the hammer head or separate parts of the handle to experiment with proportions.

*** This is ONLY a blueprint pattern guide to help you build the prop, it does not include directions as there are many different ways of building it. ***

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