Star Guardian Lux

Star Guardian Lux Raw Kit


The perfect kit to help with any Star Guardian Lux cosplay! Available in three different kit sizes: full kit, wand kit, and accessory kit.

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Product Description


  1. Tiara Base x1
  2. Tiara Star x1
  3. Tiara Head Wings x2
  4. Bow Brooch Stars x2
  5. Shoe Wings x4
  6. Shoe Stars x2


  1. Star Casing x4
  2. 3D Printed Stars x4
  3. Wings x4
  4. Upper Arch x2
  5. Lower Support x2
  6. Outer Rod x2
  7. Inner Rod x1

All pieces are cast out of Smooth-On products: SmoothCast 65D and Feather Lite. Wand wings are 100% casted out of Feather Lite (regular resin makes them too heavy for the wand), brooch parts may be casted out of 65D or Feather Lite. 3D Printed stars are included that can be sanded down smoother.

This kit isn’t designed for beginners, it requires sanding, gluing, assembly, painting, etc. Electronics are optional.


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