Magical Girl D.Va Wand Blueprint

Magical Girl D.Va Wand


THIS IS A FREEBIE! If you’re interested in the 3D Printed kit, feel free to check out our other listing. This character design is by Shourca; we do not sell the STL files nor the blueprint with respect to the original artist, but we have still chosen to make the PDF available for FREE to help other cosplayers out!

✨ Be sure to check out our article about the construction process behind the wand and costume modification. ✨

Magical Girl D.Va Wand 3D Printed Kit


✨ 3D Printed wand kit is available for sale! 

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This blueprint is a 2D vector PDF file of the “Magical Girl D.Va” wand.

The thumbnail is a low-resolution, scaled preview of the purchase. Purchased files are vector based and can be scaled and/or used for laser cutting or as a basis for a 3D model.

The wand is approximately are approximately 18.25″ long and can be easily re-scaled; they are approximate scales based on ratios used from the in-game model. This blueprint is designed to use a 1/2″ PVC pipe for the handle.

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