Arcade Miss Fortune Guns Raw Cast Kit
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Arcade Miss Fortune Gun Resin Kit

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Raw cast kit of my Arcade Miss Fortune guns. A raw casting means you’re receiving the plastic parts directly from the mold. Sanding, filling, and gluing is required to assemble the guns properly.

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Product Description

 The kit includes:

  • 2x Main body
  • 2x Handle
  • 2x Trigger
  • 2x Sight
  • 2x ABS pipes, cut to size
  • PDF Arcade Miss Fortune Gun Blueprint

These are the pieces required to build the guns. In order to complete the guns you need to sand the seams, fill any small gaps there might be (you can use bondo or any kind of filler putty), and glue the pieces together. I recommend two-party Epoxy for gluing parts together. After that is the fun part – priming and painting!

Happy building!


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