Wicked Lulu

"Tastes like purple!"

Wicked Lulu
  • Source

    League of Legends

  • Date Finished

    September 2013

  • Worn At

    Dragon Con 2013, Anime Los Angeles 2014, Anime Expo 2014, Animethon 2014

Wicked Lulu was chosen to have fun creating a simpler costume before beginning my next large endeavor. The hat was a big challenge, which I ended up tackling as a sculptural piece: a wireframe structure was built, covered in batting, and then encased in the outer fabric shell. I wrote an article (Giant Hats tutorial) on how I created the hat for reference to others doing similar projects.

The staff had a long journey of its own. Originally it was stamped with textures obtained from actual wood, but the effect didn’t translate properly for this build. Instead, paper mache was used to create the texture, and was airbrushed to add further dimension. Pix was created using a combination of sculpting, molding, casting, 3D printing, and airbrushing techniques.

Many people have borrowed and worn this costume between many events including Anime Expo and Summoner’s Con. I have fun watching others wearing it.


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