Star Guardian Lux

"Stay positive, Summoner."

  • Source

    League of Legends

  • Date Finished

    April 2016

  • Worn At

    PAX East 2016, Anime Expo 2016, League Fest

Star Guardian Lux was a relatively simple costume, but it still had its challenges for me! I’m not the best at drafting patterns, which resulted in the vest being quite difficult.

The vest is built in a way to stay in shape, almost like a corset. The white piece in the front is attached with velcro from underneath, and there’s a zipper below the collar that holds the rest of the vest together. The white petals are attached to the skirt waistband with velcro as well.

The wand was definitely the biggest challenge and you can read about how I built it in my write-up entry. It took me quite a few attempts before I was fully satisfied with how the center star on the wand heads looked. My first attempt involved resin casted stars, the second attempt had vacuum formed stars, and the final version was 3D Printed stars.

My goal was to make the wand look good in both daylight and at night, both with the lights on and off. I didn’t want the wand aesthetic to be dependent on the lights being turned on.


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