Snowbunny Nidalee

"Here mousey, mousey..."

Snowbunny Nidaleeprint3
  • Source

    League of Legends

  • Date Finished

    December 2016

  • Worn At

    League of Legends Holiday Gathering & Photoshoot

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year! The decorations, the music, the positive atmosphere – everything about it is fantastic! The past couple of years I haven’t had the opportunity to make a new costume for Christmas (the last one being Miku), so I made sure to change that this year!

Snowbunny Nidalee was actually started two years ago when I planned on bringing it to Calgary Comic Entertainment Expo to shoot in the snow, but I ran out of time. I abandoned it for a while, but I’ve recently been focused on trying to finish old/incomplete projects.

The spearhead was made using laser cut and engraved MDF pieces that I joined together; the handle was a regular pine dowel from Home Depot that I chiseled away with wood carving tools and painted with Tamiya airbrush paints, followed by some Liquitex weathering for depth; the feathers were green feathers that I airbrushed stripes onto, and the bones were slush casted with two-part foam inside to help give them more structure.

The fabric portions of this costume were made with faux suede and the were edges lined with faux fur. I opted for a richer, deeper red, rather than the classic bright red as I felt it would look classier and also would allow me to wear it throughout the year, rather than solely during the holidays.

The entirety of this costume was made on my Twitch channel! With the exception of parts that required fitting over personal areas.

/ALL Chat filmed a Holiday Photoshoot segment where I co-hosted with Jessica Nigri as well!


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