Slayer Jinx

"I'm crazy, I've got a doctor's note!"

jinx_2_smalljinx_1_smallHugging Slayer Jinx
  • Source

    League of Legends

  • Date Finished

    April 20, 2017

Jinx is one of my favorite champions from League of Legends, so she’s one that I frequently revisit! Mafia Jinx was my previous Jinx costumes.

This project was put together primarily for a Patreon photoshoot, though it will be revisited later to complete the last prop.

Various parts of this costume were sourced from different artists. The wig was purchased from Xia Cosplay, the jacket, shirt, knee braces, and base of Fishbones were purchased from Kinpatsu Cosplay.

Unfortunately Fishbones was primarily damaged during shipment, so most of it had to be remade. Those parts were 3D printed and painted to match the parts that did survive!

Zap was completely 3D modeled, printed, and finished in house.

@JesmineCosplay helped a lot with finishing all the tiny last minute details on this project to get it done in time to shoot with @DiHydrogenO. We had a full team that went with us into the local mountains and hiked to some old abandoned buildings!


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