Miss Fortune

"Think you can handle me, summoner?"

Photo by DPhotogMiss Fortune Print #1Miss FortuneMiss FortuneMiss Fortune
  • Source

    League of Legends

  • Date Finished

    June 2013

  • Worn At

    Anime Expo 2013, Dragon Con 2013, Anime Expo 2014, Animethon 2014, Phoenix Comic Con 2014

This project was the first time I had ventured into leatherworking. The hat, sleeve bands, pants sash, and boot flaps were all patterned, imported into Illustrator, and then laser cut and engraved. I dyed the leather black and hand painted all of the gold. At the end I coated each piece in leather balm to give it a nice sheen, matching the finish of the boots.

One of the reasons I chose to make Miss Fortune was because of her guns, Shock and Awe. This was my second time making replica gun props (the first time was with Black Rock Shooter Beast), and these were completely different from the first.  The biggest challenge of the guns was to be able to design the single action trigger to fit inside the small space provided between the hammer and trigger.

In addition to the working triggers, the guns have hidden buttons which, on press, play audio feedback down the barre. The clips played are two of her audio effects from the game – her laugh and a quote.

The most difficult part of this costume was patterning the pants, but I was determined to accurately replicate them. I used a synthetic lambskin which had ideal color, stretch, and texture.

I would like to give a big thank you to my good friend Dani, who helped me with the wig construction. Two wigs were combined into one, giving it greater volume.


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