Mafia Jinx

"I'm crazy - I've got a doctor's note!"

Mafia Jinx
  • Source

    League of Legends

  • Date Finished

    April 2015

  • Worn At

    Calgary Comic Entertainment Expo 2015, Anime Expo 2015, HunnieCon 2015, Summoner’s Con 2015

One reason I wanted to create Mafia Jinx was because she reminded me of Daisy from The Great Gatsby. If I can connect a character with something else (ex. Miss Fortune and Pirates of the Caribbean) then I have more of a personal connection with the character, and therefore more of a desire to create the costume!

This costume was pretty simple for the most part, a dress and a few accessories, but because there were so few pieces, I made sure to get the perfect materials for each piece. I used a gorgeous glitter stretch velvet for the dress, a chiffon for the scarf/bandanna, and  a nice glitter spandex for the gloves and other elements.


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