Heimerdinger TurretHeimerdinger TurretHeimerdinger Turret

Heimerdinger Turret (2015)

The Heimerdinger turret project was a completely new experience for me because I have never created something with so many small pieces before. The final build consists of twenty resin cast pieces all held together using threaded rod of various diameters as well as some copper rod (for the side pieces that stick upward).

All the base shapes were created using a Pepakura file (source), which were converted into 1mm sintra molds, used for casting resin base shapes. Those were then cleaned as needed and all the details were added afterwards (rivets, engravings, raised details, etc.). Fifteen master shapes were created (some were able to be duplicated/mirrored), with a total of 9 molds (3 of them being two-parters).

This was created as a gift for my boyfriend.


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