"I play to win."

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    February 2017

D.Va was more of a collaborative effort, combining different elements from different resources.

  • Suit was purchased from Cospicky, I’m working on a review of the suit at the moment.
  • Headset ear pieces and gun base were raw castings that I purchased from Obsydiann Props; I cleaned and painted these myself.
  • Headset band model was given to me by Sunday Cosplay, which I printed, cleaned, and painted myself.
  • Wig is purchased from Arda Wigs, Eowyn classic in Mahogany.

My good friend Frances of “How a Girl Figures” took my photos from me using the photostudio, which was funded by my stream, and I edited the shots.

This cosplay was put together solely for a photoshoot, to stream in, and potentially wear to conventions; unfortunately the suit ended up being too uncomfortable to be able to wear to events, so I ended up selling it. I’m quite satisfied with the photos I got out of it though, so that works out!


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