Arcade Miss Fortune 2.0

Arcade Miss Fortuneamf_new_2_social
  • Source

    League of Legends

  • Date Finished

    April 24, 2017

  • Worn At

    PAX West 2017

This is actually a remake of my original Arcade Miss Fortune costume! A few years ago I made the same costume, but ended up selling it to @OJessicaNigri. I was very happy seeing her wear the costume, but eventually the realization of missing the costume hit me very hard.

Many parts of the costume were vastly improved the second time around, showing a growth in skill-set and ability. Some of the major differences between this build and the original build were:

  • Guns were painted at a much higher level of detail and quality
  • The hat base was 3D printed
  • Sewing skills greatly improved, resulting in cleaner accessories
  • Accessories were added in much smarter ways


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