Frequently Asked Questions

Many of my most commonly asked questions will be answered here!

General Questions

Q: How and when did you start making props?

A: My very first prop ever was my Yoko Littner sniper rifle, which I made in 2009. I was following a write-up that Blind Squirrel made based on his build, but I had access to a lot less tools/materials so I just did what I could! As I continued making props, I eventually began buying more tools so that I could use other materials.

Q: Will you make ___?

A: I really wish I could make anything and everything, but time and money are limited, and there’s only so much I can do.

Q: Do you take commissions?

A: For the longest time ever I was pretty much closed to commissions, but I will be finally starting commissions now. Availability depends on how sales/freelance projects go. I am only open to individual props/accessories as commissions, I will not do full costumes because that would be too expensive. I also can’t do fittings online, so it would be difficult to make sure everything fit the client.

If you’re interested in a commission head on over to my Custom Commissions page.

Q: How much do commissions cost?

A: It really depends on the project. Usually my projects take me anywhere from as little as 15 hours to as much as 100+ hours. Remember, when you’re paying someone to do a commission you’re paying for not only the materials but their time as well.

Q: How much would it cost to make a giant hat?

A: I have a tutorial up for giant hats, but if you don’t feel comfortable making one I am willing to make one for you. Contact me for a quote.

Q: Will you tell me how to create this costume?

A: Unfortunately, I can’t really sit and tell you how to create an entire costume. Each costume generally has different techniques involved, and chances are I’ve never done anything like it before. I would have to do hours of research, and I don’t really have that kind of time. Even if it’s a costume I’ve already made, I can’t really sit and tell you how I did everything because each of my projects usually is a result of hours of work, which would take a very long time to explain.

If you are looking for information regarding a costume I have already made, check my Tutorials/Write-Ups blog section and see if I’ve already written about that particular piece. If you have any other questions that are specific, feel free to ping me on Twitter and ask.

Q: Will you design a costume for me?

A: No, I unfortunately have no experience in concept design. The only kind of design I’m willing to do is product design, which is generally based on some sort of franchise (like my League of Legends merchandise that I’ve designed). I’m not confident at all when it comes to designing unique characters or props.

Q: Did you go to school to learn what you know?

A: It’s a common misconception that I went to school specifically for props and costuming.

I went to Otis College of Art and Design and graduated with a BFA in Product Design. Yes, it is true that I did gain a lot through my school which I have applied to my props/costumes, but I didn’t take classes specifically for prop making or costuming. Product Design is a very open field, allowing you to explore a broad variety of concepts/materials/techniques.

My first three years there I had to do everything based on their curriculum and spend the majority of my free time working on props/costumes for my portfolio. It wasn’t until my senior year that I was actually able to work on my personal projects as class assignments. So if you are interested in pursuing that kind of educational course, be prepared to have double the workload than your classmates.

Q: Where did you learn everything you do?

A: I learned a lot of what I do now through extensive research on the internet, hands on experimentation, at school, and at shops. Whenever I make anything I always go to Google to see if I can see what similar things other people have made.

In terms of molding and casting, I learned a lot of that through reading other maker’s blogs such as Volpin Props and Fev Studios. That inspired me to try to do it myself, which led me to visiting Reynold’s Advanced Materials. I was really lucky to have one of the amazing employees there talk to me for 2-hours about all the different kinds of silicones and resins and the techniques used for them. That’s when I first my first step into the world of plastics when I made Sylvanas Windrunner.

After that I learned about rapid prototyping techniques (3D printing, laser cutting, CNC, etc.) at Otis. I was shown the ropes and kind of went crazy with these new techniques. Now I’m completely addicted to 3D printing and laser cutting.

Cosplay & Props

Q: What are your most commonly used materials?

A: I use a lot of plastics in my work: resin, 3D prints (ABS/PLA), Apoxie Sculpt, etc. There’s a good chance if you ask what my prop is made of I’ll simply say “plastic”.

I’d really like to get into more foam usage again for the durability, ease, and speed.

Q: How long does one of your costumes take you?

My costumes take different amounts of times; some may take a month, while others I work on and off for about a year. I’m always balancing orders with my own personal costumes, prioritizing sales, so sometimes it takes me a bit longer to complete a costume than I’d like.

I’m trying to work on getting faster though, I know that sometimes quality is not greater than quantity, but I do firmly believe in making quality work that I can be proud of.

Q: Do you use Worbla?

I currently do not use Worbla for my projects, though I may consider using it in the future. A very big plus of Worbla is how easy it is to use, it takes time to draft the patterns you want to use, but otherwise it’s very easy and convenient to use and doesn’t require crazy power tools or a lot of space.

Q: What kind of paints do you use?

I use a variety of paints, but I mainly enjoy airbrushing. I’m not a huge fan of hand painting (though I’d like to do more of it to practice) or spray painting (due to a lack of a proper painting booth).

Tamiya America – Acrylics (10 & 23 mL)


Q: Why are your wards so expensive?

A: Each ward is individually crafted from raw materials and components. Just to give an idea of how much work goes into the wards, each one is casted (gem and body), which I then have to sand and clean any imperfections (seam line, gaps, etc.). All the electronics are created with raw components: three pre-wired LEDs and USB ports. I solder all these pieces together myself. The painting is a tedious task as well involving many different layers of specifically formulated paint mixes.

I build the wards in batches, but if I were to create them individually they would easily require up to 5 hours of work. I’m honestly undercharging for them. Why? Because I love sharing my creations with customers to make them happy. Their availability is the result of me wanting to share my product with other League of Legends fans.

Each one is handmade with love and your purchases are supporting my line of work as an artist.

Q: I paid for a digital blueprint but I didn’t get the files, how do I get them?

A: Any digital file is available to download at the “Order Details” page after Checkout is complete, otherwise you can go to “My Account” and download it there anytime afterwards.

It’s for this reason that I made registration required to purchase items from my store.

Q: What is your shipping and return policy?

A: All the information regarding my shipping and return policies can be found on this page.

Q: Can I have something made and shipped to me expedited?

A: Short answer yes, but it will require a rush order fee. Most of my products have a 2-4 production time due to the amount of orders I have as well as all the other work I’m expected to do. When you place your order, there’s a good chance I already have a pile of orders I am working on; asking me to prioritize your order means I need to drop all of the other orders.

Expedited shipping is also available. I can’t guaranteed expedited delivery for international orders due to the unpredictability of customs.

Streaming & Game Questions

Q: What’s your favorite League of Legends champion?

A: It’s kind of a tie between Jinx and Vi, I love them both.

Q: What’s your rank in League of Legends?

A: I actually don’t play ranked games. Why? I don’t have the patience to deal with all the frustration of randoms or the toxic players. I don’t have a lot of time to play, so I’d rather play what I enjoy and find fun – which is more casual game play. The only way I would consider ranked would be if I had a full team.

Q: What kind of streams do you do?

A: Currently I only do creative streams. Any physical fabrication work is done at my studio and digital work is done at my apartment.

Q: Do you stream in cosplay?

A: I will occasionally stream in costume, but a lot of my costumes aren’t all that comfortable so it makes it difficult for me to want to stream for longer periods of time.

Q: What is #PARTYMODE?

A: This is a special mode where things get cray and I add a bunch of fun things to the stream. This may include giveaways and other fun things! I’ll set announcements for every #PARTYMODE.

Q: When did you start streaming?

In 2013 I made my old account “Vensinator” on Twitch because “Vensy” was locked away from the Justin.TV days. I streamed on and off for about three years on that account, until finally in September of 2016 I decided to make a new account to fit my branding, and thus “VensyProps” was born on Twitch!

Q: How long have you been partnered?

I became a Twitch partner in December of 2016.

Still have a question?

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