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Currently not open for commissions!

Check my FAQ for some further information regarding commissions and cost. Thank you for your interest in hiring me to make your custom project! Use the form below to submit your commission request for consideration and for a quote. I’ll consider every commission that is submitted, but I will only reply to the ones that would fit in my work schedule.

I will not do the following:

  • Full costumes
  • Full armor
  • Sewing

Full costumes and full armor would simply be way too expensive (time and money), but they would also be extremely difficult without fittings, making it impossible to do online. I don’t feel confident enough in my sewing skills to sew custom fitted costumes for others quite yet (maybe in the future). I specialize in props and accessories, so those are my preferable commissions to do.

Remember, you can only pick two: speed, quality, cost. Having all three is impossible. As much as I would love to make everyone’s commissions, I unfortunately am unable to complete everything.

Be sure to include a reference image link and describe exactly what you want, and when you need it by.