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Star Guardian Lux

Star Guardian Lux Wand

Welcome to my really long Star Guardian Lux wand write-up! First off – I’d like to begin by stating I worked on this project on and off for almost a year, I was constantly working on it and changing the…


Mafia Jinx Zap

Zap is the first prop for Mafia Jinx that I completed because of its simple design. It’s one of my few props that don’t include any molding and casting work at all. The final prop consists of 3D printed parts,…

Arcade Miss Fortune Print

Arcade Miss Fortune Write-Up

Arcade Miss Fortune is the most recently costume project that I have completed and I’ll be sharing some of my construction details here about the costume, accessories, and props.

Arcade Miss Fortune Splash Art

Proportion Tool for Props/Costumes

Proportions are extremely important when it comes to making a costume because it can make or break the way everything looks together as a whole. There are many ways to find the right dimensions for your props such as guesstimating…


BRSB Gun Prop Write-Up

Everyone starts somewhere with crafts, my first serious prop was my Black Rock Shooter Beast gun. I learned a lot of new techniques while working on this gun, many of which I still use to this day on newer projects….

Photo by Robby Cavanaugh

Shock & Awe Prop Write-up

A lot of people ask me how I made my Miss Fortune guns so I’ve decided to finally put together a write-up on how I made them! Granted, this is a rough write-up based on what photographic documentation I have…

Wicked Lulu

Tutorial: Giant Hats (Lulu)

I’ve received a lot of questions about how I make my Lulu hats, so I decided it would be fitting to write a small write-up that shows the general steps I take to make them! Please note that my method…

Miss Fortune Hat Decal

Latex-Foam Castings

Miss Fortune is an iconic character from League of Legends, one of her most recognizable elements is her hat.  The hat has a very interesting decorative feature to it – the “squiggle” on the middle-front of it.  I really wanted…

Miss Fortune

Working with Leather for Miss Fortune

Each project that I decide to tackle is chosen based on potential new skills and materials I might be exposed to through fabrication and Miss Fortune was no different. When I first decided to do MF, I studied her splash…


BRSB – Styling the wig

Black Rock Shooter has always been known for her crazy, long, flowing hair that has always seemed like it completely defies gravity. This was definitely one effect that I wanted present in my BRSB costume. Researching this concept proved to…