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All About That Ace

“All About That Ace”

I had the fun opportunity to work with The Warp Zone and a few other cosplayers to bring together this hilarious parody of “All About that Base” by Meghan Trainor. This project was a lot of fun to do and I…

Vensy Props 6.0

Vensy Props Official Launch

I’m excited to announce that Vensy Props (or 6.0) is officially launched!

Class of 2014

My Journey at Otis

I graduated from Otis College of Art and Design just two weeks ago. It all feels like a blur, doesn’t even feel like I’m done with school at all!

Wicked Lulu

Giant Hats Gallery

A gallery featuring all the hats that were created using the help of my Giant Hats Tutorial!



Inspiration is a very interesting concept because it changes for everyone. What might inspire one person, wouldn’t even phase another. It can also be interpreted in many different ways.

Project Ward - Thank you!

Project Ward – Thank you!

As many of you may know, I had a Kickstarter, Project Ward, up and running back in August and it got successfully funded! I’ve been extremely busy with school so it’s been a little difficult to stay on track with…

Miss Fortune

Photoshoot with Robby Cavanaugh

As many of you know, I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot with amazing Robby Cavanaugh last month! The main photos everyone knows about are “Double Up” and “No Prey, No Pay” (the top two photos). We took many… 5.0 OPEN!

Vensy Props (v5.0) LIVE!

I’m sure it probably seems as though I’m always coming up with new versions of my website, but this time I think this is here to stay. I personally coded my previous website .. and I’ll be completely honest, I’m…

Black Rock Shooter Beast

BRSB Overview

Black Rock Shooter Beast was an extreme project that I decided to tackle to test my skills. I wanted to see how much I could accomplish in one project through research and hard work. Every step of this project took…