Birthday Stream

You’re all invited to come hang out and have fun with us for Vensy’s birthday stream on February 23, 2018!

It’s going to be anywhere from a 8-12 hour stream (hopefully leaning towards the latter) with lots of fun and games. This is a tradition we’ve done every year to be able to have fun and celebrate with the community. We plan on doing some of the following:

  • VRChat
  • Jackbox
  • Drinking
  • Cooking?

When is it going to be? February 23, 2018! Vensy’s actual birthday is on February 26, but it makes more sense to have the stream party on Friday where you guys can also join along and drink and have fun with us.

Wanna send a birthday card or gift?

Vensy Bday
PO Box 34761
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Be sure to label it as “Vensy Bday” so I know not to open it until the day of the party stream. Alternatively if you’d like to purchase something off of the Amazon wishlist, here’s the link!

I purchased some cute thank you cards that I’ll be sending to anyone that contributes to this event with any kind of letter, card, package, etc. Make sure you include your return address if you want a thank-you card!

We’ll be making balloons for subs, re-subs, cheers, and donors during the stream and have other fun activities. Possibly some giveaways! Feel free to check back here for updates regarding what fun things we’ll have going on during the birthday stream.

Hope to see you guys there!


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