Stream Game: Spin to Win!

December’s giveaway has a twist to it – it’s a game of chance, a game of “Spin to Win”!

How to enter: donate or cheer to spin the wheel!
  • 1x Spin = $5.25 / 525 bits
  • 2x Spin = $10.01 / 1001 bits
  • 5x Spin = $25.25 / 2525 bits
  • 10x Spin = $50.05 / 5005 bits
You must donate the exact amount in order to be able to spin the wheel, otherwise I’ll assume you’re just donating to help out with a goal.

Now for the prizes!

Here’s a list of all of the prizes you can win through spinning! Most of these will be available for individual purchase, as well as a full bundle deal in the store, but that will be made available at a later time. Photos coming soon! For now you can ask to see prototypes on the stream.

  • Snowbunny Nidalee Postcards

    Get one of two Snowbunny Nidalee 4×6″ postcard prints! These are going to be special limited edition holographic postcards.


  • Snowflake 3D Printed Ornament

    Get your very own 3D printed snowflake ornament! The file is from Thingiverse. This reward will not be available for individual purchase, it will only be available through the full bundle deal!


  • Golden Nut 3D Printed Ornament

    Cheer your way through the holidays with a golden nut! Inspired by the cheermotes in the Twitch channel, but golden to give it a little bit more cheer!

    Additionally, it was an inset gear on one side, and “Vensy Props” on the other side – giving it more of a personal flair!


  • Purple Gear 3D Printed Ornament

    This ornament ties in many pieces of what the channel is all about.

    • Purple color to represent streaming on Twitch.
    • Represents the sub-badge; a gear with the exact “V” inside of it.
    • Inspiration taken from a snowflake, hence the tiered gears.


  • Winter Wonder Lulu's Staff 3D Printed Ornament

    Get your very own mini 3D printed Winter Wonder Lulu staff!

    This miniature prop is scaled down from the actual staff I’m using for my Lulu cosplay! It even features the floating ball, mounted on some clear acrylic to represent the floating effect.


  • Paw Spinner Staff 3D Printed Ornament

    This is the most intricate reward of them all – the Paw Spinner!

    A paw, mounted on a rod, encased in a gear. Simple, but yet you can fidget with the paw for hours! Contains hardware to allow you to disassemble it and replace the parts with others (available in the future).


What happens if I win duplicates?

Don’t worry! Duplicates are automatically converted into points! The first time you win a prize, you keep it, but any duplicates after that are automatically converted into points to trade in for higher valued prizes! The odds of winning each prize are also included here, for your reference.

Snowbunny Nidalee Postcard – 1 Point (33% Chance)
Snowflake – 1 Point (33% Chance)
Golden Nut – 2 Points (12.5% Chance)
Purple Gear – 2 Points (12.5% Chance)
Winter Wonder Lulu Staff – 5 Points (4% Chance)
Paw Spinner – 6 points (4% Chance)


Here’s an example: You spin 5 times and win the following: 3x snowflakes, 1x golden nut, and 1x cosplay postcard. You keep 1x snowflake, 1x golden nut, 1x cosplay postcard, and have 2 points to use! You can buy another golden nut, or a purple gear!

Points are restricted to the spinning wheel, you will not be able to convert that into discounts towards buying ornaments. The two postcards are considered unique gifts, so if you won 3x postcards, but one of them is a different design you are left over with one spare point.

How do I claim my prize(s)?

Prizes will begin shipping after the first week of December, until then you can test your luck and spin to win for all the prizes you’d like to win! In order to claim your rewards, you will be required to login to the website using your Twitch account. Shipping is not included in the spin price!
Once prizes are ready to be claimed there will be a specific page on the website, only accessible to those who have spun, where you will be able to see what you’ve won and how many points you have to claim other rewards!

Rules, conditions, and pricing is subject to change at any point. Please be advised. Must be 18 or older to enter.


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Hey guys! Be sure to drop any comments here if you have any suggestions or feedback about this event, I will take everything into consideration.

Current dilemma is what I should do with excess points people may procure? Give me your thoughts. :)


Count up the total amount of points from everyone. You choose the items thats can be raffled off with the given points.


This is actually a pretty cute idea!


I think you should just have them for the next time or something like that


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