3D Printed Maple Leaf Coasters

Maple Leaf CoastersLeaves

The Cat-O-Lanterns were such a success that we’ve decided to run monthly promotional events to thank our supporters.
Every month we are going to be rewarding our supporters with gifts related to either an ongoing (or recently completed) project or a season/holiday!

Get your very own 3D Printed Maple Leaf Coaster set!

Tier 3 subscribers will be emailed with further information regarding how to redeem their coaster sets.
Feel free to ask any questions about this in chat!

Maple leaf coasters will be shipped out during the final week of November!

Now that I’ve come up with a smoother and easier method of organizing shipments, this month’s batch should be easily shipped out within November.
As an added bonus each coaster set will also come with a cosplay postcard, thanking you for your support. This month’s postcard features Slayer Jinx!

* Shipping is not included if you choose to redeem a coaster set using your Tier3 Twitch subscription.

** This will be a limited run item, no longer available for purchase once November is over. The original file is from Thingiverse, modified to reflect the channel.


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