3D Printed Cat-O-Lantern

During the month of October the stream will be running a promotional event in celebration of Subtober and Halloween!

Get your very own 3D Printed Cat-O-Lantern!

Remember, thanks to Subtober new subscriptions will only cost you $12.50!

Don’t like cats? No worries!

You can get your very own customized Jack-O-Lantern* by either tipping $50 or cheering 5,000 bits. If you are subscribed at $24.99, then you’d be tipping/cheering $25/2,500 instead.

Feel free to ask any questions about this in chat!

Pumpkins will be shipped out during the final week of October and they be accompanied by one (1) LED and one (1) coin cell battery, which you can put inside of the pumpkin to make it light up!

** Shipping is included in the cost for domestic, but if you’re international I will request additional payment to cover the difference.

As an added bonus each pumpkin will also come with a cosplay postcard, thanking you for your support. The photo will be of Bewitching Nidalee or Slayer Jinx!

* Custom designs must be relatively simple for 3D printing.


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