PAX West Steampunk Eevee

This year I had the opportunity to go to PAX West with Skybound to work at the Superfight booth! The freeway park at the convention is extremely gorgeous, so I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to shoot something there, but I didn’t have time to make a new costume. This resulted in me doing something I’ve never done before – shop for pieces to create a new costume design.

Originally I wanted to put together a Skitty costume, but I realize Skitty is more suited for summer/spring dresses and Seattle is cold (for me) which led me to deciding on something Eevee themed considering how warm and fluffy the character design is. Two styles that first came to mind were school girl and lolita, however I couldn’t find anything that suited either of those on Amazon (I needed to last minute Prime things). Then the great ideal of making a steampunk themed Eevee came to mind!

Luckily, I was able to find enough pieces that had one-day and same-day delivery options available on Amazon that would suit the costume.

Check out my Amazon shopping list for all the parts of Eevee that I used!

I’ve included all the pieces that were purchased for Steampunk Eevee on Amazon! The only pieces that are missing are the shoes (not shown in photos), Eevee Ditto plushie, and the ears (which I made). For the shoes you can literally use anything, I used ankle high boots that were brown, mainly because that’s all I actually had available. My budget for the costume was $200-250 so I couldn’t afford to squeeze shoes into there.

Art by Crankie

Art by Crankie

Putting together this extremely simple costume was actually very enjoyable for me, and I might do more of these in the future for other events. To my surprise Crankie loved my costume enough to draw a chibi Steampunk Eevee based on my cosplay, a huge honor! Crankie has also drawn the chibi Vensy that I use on many of my social media platforms, as well as my DesignbyHumans shirt.

Thank you for reading! If you decide to put together a Steampunk Eevee based on, or inspired by, my design please leave a comment below with a photo of your cosplay – I would love to see it!


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