12 Hour #PARTYMODE Giveaway Stream!

That’s right, I’m doing a 12 hour stream – this will be my first time!

What does this 12 Hour #PARTYMODE Giveaway Stream entail? Well, it’s got a lot of parts to it. First off, it’s my way of thanking you guys for all of your continued support. I’ve been pretty busy, so I haven’t been able to do many party streams recently, but you guys have continuously been helping me reach donation goals, so this is my way of thanking you guys!

Vi GogglesThis stream has three purposes:

  • Thanking you for your continued support in reaching donation goals
  • Celebrating the completion of my Kickstarter project (99% done, shipping rewards next week!)
  • Trying to save up enough to be able to go to PAX Prime

I’m trying to save up enough to be able to afford to go to PAX Prime this year, hence the $400 donation goal. This goal covers airfare, baggage fees (bringing cosplay – hopefully Star Guardian Lux!), hotel, and food. I’ve always really wanted to go to PAX Prime but could never afford it (trying to be responsible), so I’m going to give it another shot this year!

How does the giveaway work?

There’s two parts to the giveaway! I’ll be giving away prints, Vi goggles (2x), and USB Wards (2x) at different points of the stream.

  • $50 – Prints
  • $100 – Choice of Vi Goggles or USB Ward
  • $150 – Prints
  • $200 – Choice of Vi Goggles or USB Ward
  • $250 – Prints
  • $300 – Choice of Vi Goggles or USB Ward
  • $350 – Prints
  • $400 – Choice of Vi Goggles or USB Ward

WardsThat’s a lot of stuff to be given away, huh? As each donation point is reached, I’ll be doing a giveaway on the stream for all viewers watching. I’ll give you guys a keyword to type and whoever types it in the specific time period (probably a few minutes) will be entered to win!

If the winner is receiving a print, I’ll ask them to PM me on Twitch which prints (2x) they would like to receive. If a winner is receiving a Vi goggle or USB Ward, I’ll ask them to tell me in the chat which of the two products they would like so I know for the next giveaway point that there’s less of that item available. For example, if USB Wards are chosen for both the $100 and $200 tiers, then only Vi Goggles will be available for the latter two tiers, etc.

I’ll cover shipping for all USA winners, international winners must help cover $10 shipping cost for Vi Goggles/USB Wards and $5 for prints.


I’ll also be raffling off a large ward, the product that I just finished making! I should have it on display during the stream so just ask to see it! ♥

Every $5 donated will earn you a chance to win the large ward! At the end of the stream, if I’ve reached the donation goal, I’ll write down all the names on papers (example – if you donated $25, you’ll have five chances to win) and select a random name out of a box! The winner will be allowed to pick which gem color they want (blue, green, or pink).

Once again, I’ll cover shipping for all USA winners, international winners must help cover shipping cost with $10.

All rewards will be shipped out by Friday August 7, 2015. This gives me time to make the wards for the winners!


I hope everyone will have fun during the stream! It’ll be a lot of League of Legends and I’ll have a couple of people on Skype with me to keep things more active. Can’t wait to see everyone! ♥


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