League of Chibi

As of late I’ve been drawing some League of Legends champions, but chibi-fied! I’ve been doing this for two reasons: to practice art again and be able to do more creative streams! I’ll be updating this post with all the chibis as I complete them, feel free to use them on your stream/website, but please give me credit and leave the watermark if possible. If you wish to use the image water-mark free, please contact me to ask for permission prior to using it.

If you’d like to watch me as I work on these chibis follow me on Twitch for updates when I go live! I will be doing at least one chibi art creative stream every week.



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Hey I have been looking to commission an artist to help me make 2 customized chibi for my stream and was wondering if you’d like to take up the job. Please email me if you are keen thank you!


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