Giant Hats Gallery

A gallery featuring all the hats that were created using the help of my Giant Hats Tutorial! A while ago I made a tutorial about how I made my Wicked Lulu hat, with my Giant Hats Tutorial. The tutorial goes over the technique and steps I took to creating my Wicked Lulu hat:

  • Creating a wireframe structure
  • Covering structure in batting
  • Patterning & sewing a casing for the structure

This is actually a technique I learned at Otis during my Foundation year for one of our projects. It makes me extremely excited whenever I hear that my tutorial has helped others with their costumes! Here’s a gallery of some of the talented artists who have used my tutorial for their costumes! This also includes those who were inspired by the tutorial in some way. Credits are included in the image descriptions, so be sure to check out their pages/websites!

I’m so happy that I was able to help these amazing artists with their projects. If you’d like to submit to the gallery, feel free to use the image uploader below! Be sure to include whatever public credit you’d like to have displayed with your photo. If possible, please follow the following format, it makes things easier for me for adding your images to the gallery:

“__Character name__ by ___Artist name___ (website/Facebook).”

Upload your photo!

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*If you’re in the gallery and would like to change your image description, feel free to contact me and I’ll change it for you. For new submissions, I’ll try my best to add photos within 48 hours!

Thank you to everyone who has sent in photos! It really means a lot to me. Feel free to drop any feedback below, on Facebook, or on Twitter about any future tutorials you guys might be interested in.


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