Project Ward – Thank you!

As many of you may know, I had a Kickstarter, Project Ward, up and running back in August and it got successfully funded! I’ve been extremely busy with school so it’s been a little difficult to stay on track with everything, but I’m going to get Project Ward rolling again. First off, this is going to be a thank you post to everyone who backed the project!


I launched the crowdfunding campaign the day I went to Disneyland (was getting car repairs done that day and my car mechanic is located in Anaheim), and I was so shocked to see it get Project Ward successfully funded within 12 hours of launch! You should have seen me all day while I was at Disneyland, I just kept checking every so often and I was, well… shocked. Thank you SO much for all of the support, it means so much to me! I’m currently in the process of making molds for all the mini wards. I’m degassing them all so I can make sure the gems will successfully cast inside of my pressure pot.

Once I get to the casting stage, I’ll probably put together a small vlog for you guys, thanking you again, as well as showing you guys a small preview of the molding & casting process involved with the wards!

The estimated delivery date of the small wards is set to December (large wards in January), but I’m going to shoot to have them out and shipped to you guys sometime in November.

Here’s the list of all the backers for Project Ward! (If you would like your name removed, please contact me)

  • Zane
  • Joseph Chi Lin
  • Daniel Wong
  • Lauren Peacock
  • Stephanie Wagner
  • Logan Shackleford
  • Andrew Hu
  • Emily Turner
  • Ria Chinn
  • Sarah Blanchard
  • Clifton
  • Joe Phelan
  • Denise
  • Kara Headstream
  • Ulysses Arias
  • Alli Chinn
  • Stephen Nguyen
  • Megan C. Jones
  • Ricky Yoon
  • Michael Zhang
  • Nathan Lutz
  • Xackery
  • Julia Brissette
  • Kevin Smith
  • Halley Shaver
  • Trey
  • Anthonette Villar
  • Tricia Dunlap
  • John Brock
  • Brittany Cox
  • Shawn Handyside
  • Kc Ewert
  • Nancy Shaver
  • Dan E Petricca
  • Taylor Locke
  • Jason Yun
  • Benjamin Dow
  • Jason Duong
  • Alex Lan
  • Neobobfalcon
  • Kin To Siu
  • Bron Mitchell
  • Kee Sung Kim
  • Jason
  • Ashley Vo
  • Oland Pelton
  • Edward Derr
  • Rose Dehoff
  • Benjamin Lucht
  • Cesar Martinez
  • John Dredge
  • Alicia Anderson
  • Jesica Lebrero
  • Eric Thwaites
  • Nicole Heersema

That’s everyone who supported my Kickstarter! Wow! So many of you! Thank you so, so much! Once I have wards finalized and 100% live on my site, your names will all be listed (unless otherwise requested) on there as well.

For those of you who pledged for the Miss Fortune prints by Robby Cavanaugh, you’ll be receiving your prints this month! Otherwise, I’ll be posting updates on Project Ward on my blog to show you guys how much it’s progressed, so keep an eye out! You can subscribe to my blog to the right, or if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you’ll see all updates there as well.

Hope you guys are looking forward to Project Ward’s completion! As soon as I complete the Kickstarter batch, I’ll launch regular sales as well as begin designing a second set of wards with the visual update that Riot implemented!


Once the visual update wards are complete, I’ll eventually have both classic and VU wards available for sale! So there’s my little update for the day. Hope you guys are having a wonderful day and feel free to leave any comments, concerns, or questions below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


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These look amazing! If you are able to make more after the kickstarter is finished, where could i purchase them?


I’ll make some more after the first batch is complete, they’ll be available on my Etsy. :)


Looking forward to picking up a couple.


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